Welcome to The Wellness Fund!

Thank you to everyone that submitted a proposal application for the 2023-2024 funding cycle! The Wellness Fund Advisory Committee has made decisions on proposal funding and has notified selected grantees. We are currently preparing for the 2024-2025 proposal cycle. 

Prior to the ratification of the Wellness Initiative Fee, the services for health and wellness at UC Berkeley were not able to properly serve the entire student body. In the last 17 years, enrollment has expanded over 20% and these services were unable to scale accordingly.

In 2015 the student body voted to pass for the groundbreaking wellness fee initiative, allowing both the expansion and continuation of wellness programs across UC Berkeley. This new initiative will provide new fee revenues to support wellness services for students, including improvements for existing services already provided for students.

Wellness services on campus should be continuously improved, and with crucial input of the students, we can build on the current programs with innovative mind-body services that students need. Berkeley strives to address the concerning rise of mental health issues on campus and to provide new support for marginalized student communities.