Proposals Funded 2016-2017

Below is the list of project proposals that have received funding through the Wellness Fund for the 2016-2017 academic year. Click on any proposals for further information.

List of Projects:

  • All Bears Train: Reducing Sexual Harassment and Improving Inclusion at the Recreational Sports Facility
    Description: Multiphase initiative aimed at developing positive culture change and increased wellness for all Rec Sports users and employees

    • Annual Cost: $4,665

  • Gender Inclusive Locker Room for the Recreational Sports Facility
    Description: Renovation of the RSF locker rooms to build out a new gender-inclusive locker room & to ensure that all of the RSF locker rooms are up to standards of accessibility under the Americans with Disabilities Act

    • Annual Cost: $180,000

  • Student Parent Association for Recruitment and Retention (SPARR) Food Donations Program Expansion
    Description: Continuation and expansion of the SPARR Food Donations Program. Currently, 5 days a week, volunteers rescue roughly 1,000 lbs of food donated by Whole Foods Markets and Cal Dining that would otherwise be discarded

    • Annual Cost: $27,121

  • Restorative Justice Center Student Leaders Program
    Description: Engages undergraduate and graduate students as practitioners to increase wellness among their peers through restorative practices (community building circles), and restorative responses to conflict and harm.

    • Annual Cost: $48,800

  • Well Nourished Berkeley
    Description: Supports wellness-focused registered dietitian to coordinate and oversee a peer nutrition program, provide direct in-person services, and expand nutrition education and outreach on campus with a special focus on students who lack food security

    • Annual Cost: $130,800

  • Inclusive Recreation: No Limits for All
    Description: To continue developing and diversifying the No Limits pilot program and Recreational Sports using a spectrum of services and programs to engage students with disabilities

    • Annual Cost: $103,879

  • Pilot Program Kognito Simulations for At-Risk Student
    Description: Online interactive role-play simulations with emotionally responsive virtual students who are undergoing psychological distress to empower students in identifying real life issues

    • Cost: $33,700

  • Eshleman Practice and Performance Space Renovation
    Description: Renovation of dance studios for student dance groups

    • Cost: $39,941 (with an additional one-time cost of $57,812)

  • Full-Time Wellness Coordinator/Therapist for bridges and MCC
    Description: Hires a full time counselor, to be based in the MCC, who would focus on serving students of color connected to bridges, the seven recruitment centers and the MCC

    • Annual Cost: $200,000

  • The Hook-up: LGBTQ+ Health & Wellness
    Description: Wellness oriented programs and workshops throughout the year to LGBTQ+ undergraduates and graduates

    • Annual Cost: $29,000

  • Student Parent Marriage & Family Support Counselor
    Description: Hires a post masters counselor working toward licensure to reduce the lack of student mental health and social services that are culturally compassionate to the unique campus hardships facing this student community

    • Cost: $45,047

  • Emergency Housing Fund
    Description: To temporarily accommodate a student in order to provide shelter while figuring out a safe, sustainable living situation

    • Cost: $27,500

  • Muslim Mental Health Initiative
    Description: Pilot program that will bring Khalil Center to come on campus and provide their services focusing on the promotion of Muslim mental health and prevention, such as, but not limited to: drop-in hours weekly support groups, and workshops throughout the semester -- all tied to spirituality including stress management, time management, mitigation of depression/anxiety, relationships, suicide/violence prevention, community development

    • Cost: $46,333

  • Basic Needs Health Screening Project
    Description: New Admissions Wellness Screening allows assessment of academic, emotional, financial, mental health, nutrition, and housing needs of all students before their arrival to campus. Assessment results in personalized listing of wellness information, resources, services, and next steps for each student on their Cal Central page

    • Annual Cost: $60,000

  • bridges Community Health Bank
    Description: Health supplies bank that is free and accessible to students to the bridges communities, which are primarily students of color

    • Cost: $5,500

  • The Well
    Description: Wellness programming for black students, including weekly workshops that focus on mental, physical, and spiritual wellness, mentorship opportunities & off-campus retreats.

    • Cost: $19,725

  • Be Black, Be Healthy Center
    Description: Hires Black psychiatrists, nutritionists, and natural healers & programming for Black students

    • Annual Cost: $4,400