Our Team

The Wellness Initiative Fee Advisory Committee

The entire Wellness Initiative Fee will be overseen by the Wellness Initiative Fee Advisory Committee. An advisory body to the Vice Chancellor, the committee will be charged with ensuring that the fee revenue generated by the Wellness Fee will be used for the original intentions of the referendum. Additionally, the committee will be responsible for monitoring the revenue and expenses of related programs.

Committee Composition

The composition of the Wellness Initiative Fee Advisory Committee will be as follows:

Voting Members:

  • Four ASUC elected representatives
  • Four Graduate Assembly (GA) elected representatives (1 TBA)
  • One Committee on Student Fees (CSF) Representative

Non-Voting Members:

  • University Health Services (UHS) Administrative Representative
  • Rec Sports Administrative Representative
  • Disabled Students Program (DSP) Administrative Representative
  • Center for Educational Equity and Excellence (CE3) Administrative Representative

Meet our 2023-2024 Committee Members:

Elaine Luo


Mridini Vijay


Thun Rati Oo

ASUC Representative 

Lanah Duque

ASUC Representative 

Roshni Kumar

ASUC Representative

Tulsi Fernandez

ASUC Representative

Jenae Carpenter

GA Representative 

Baoviet Nguyen

GA Representative 

John Kauffman

GA Representative 

Jaysa Garcia

CSF Representative 

Bene Gatzert

University Health Services Adminisrative Representative

Devin Wicks

Rec Sports Adminisrative Representative

Stephen Furman

Rec Sports Adminisrative Representative

Courtney Castleman

Disabled Students Program Administrative Representative

Joyce Hutchin

CE3 Administrative Representative 

Ashika John

PATH to Care Administrative Representative 

Leslie Solano

Wellness Coordinator

Hollyann Larson

Staff to the Committee

Harris Mojadedi

Staff to the Committee