Proposals Funded 2018-2019

Below is a list of project proposals that have received funding through the Wellness Fund for the 2018-2019 academic year. Click on any proposals for further information.

List of Projects

University Village Bear Pantry Expansion Project

Description: Funds to support the expansion of a food assistance program at Bear Pantry, the Univeristy Village food pantry; Funds will go towards a new shipping and storage container and for purchasing food at a discount 

Funding Amounts:

  • $7,500 (Jan 2019)
  • $7,500 (Jan 2020)
  • $9,000 (Jan 2021)

Cal Cubs Collaborative at Anthony Hall

Description: Goal is to create a multi-purpose space that supports a new family-inclusive programming space and a childcare program centered on holistic student parent wellness

Funding Amounts:

  • $8,895 (Jan 2019)
  • $8,000 (Jan 2020)

SSWANA Mental Health at Cal 

Description: Program to create more mental health resources and support for SSWANA (South Asian, South West African, North African) students at Cal as well as train counselors at UHS to increase knowledge about working with this demographic 

Funding Amounts:

  • $40,789 (Jan 2019)

Expansion of the Health Opportunity Fund

Description: Funding expands the Health Opportunity Fund (HOF) pool from $50,000 to $75,000, allowing the fund to be available through the year and enabling low-income, non-SHIP students to use UHS services without cost barriers and increase cap per student ($110 to 200) 

Funding Amounts:

  • $25,000 (Jan 2019)
  • $26,625 (Jan 2020)
  • $28,355 (Jan 2021)

Recreational Sports: Nutrition Program

Description: RSF, UHS, and Student Nutritional Advocacy Club partnership designed to bring students critical nutrition, dietetics, and hands-on education through the RSF

Funding Amounts:

  • $44,272 (Jan 2019)

Expanding Confidential Resources for Survivors of Color at PATH to Care Center

Description: Expand resources for survivors of color through 2 graduate level internship positions to expand the capacity of the Confidential Advocacy program and development of outreach/programming materials  

Funding Amounts:

  • $54,000 (Jan 2019)
  • $54,000 (Jan 2020) 

Safer, Sexy, Healthy Campus Project- Safer Sex Kits 

Description: The Sexual Health Education Program offers campus-wide educational workshops and as part of the program, students in these workshops/events will receive safe sex kits 

Funding Amounts:

  • $6,510 (Jan 2019)
  • $6,510 (Jan 2020)
  • $6,510 (Jan 2021)

Developing Resiliency Tools for Student Engaged in Human Rights Investigations

Description: Resiliency training for students working within the Human Rights Investigations Lab that are analyzing emotionally challenging situations

Funding Amounts:

  • $5,000 (Jan 2019)
  • $5,000 (Jan 2020)

Fitness and Wellness Opportunity Fund 

Description: FWOF will lower barriers for students in underserved populations to participate in fitness and wellness activities- the fee will partially or fully subsidize the fee needed to participate in intramural sports, personal training, instructional fitness, and Cal Adventures 

Funding Amounts:

  • $62,500 (Jan 2019)

Queer Alliance Resource Center: CCRC Health Cabinet

Description: Expansion and maintenance for Cecilia Chung Resource Center- restocking existing supplies and expanding breadth of resources of sexual and physical wellness products 

Funding Amounts:

  • $2,600 (Jan 2019)
  • $2,000 (Jan 2020)
  • $2,000 (Jan 2021)
  • $2,000 (Jan 2022) 

UC Berkeley Basic Needs Center

Description: The Wellness Fund is recommending providing funding for 3 additional CalFresh ambassadors to support the Food Assistance Program, rent for the Basic Needs Center, and a 10% of the salary for a basic needs manager 

Funding Amounts:

  • $40,910 (Jan 2019)
  • $41,784 (Jan 2020) 

Tang SVSH Survivor Medical Fees 

Description: Funding would provide ongoing financial coverage of the medical and psychological treatments from the Tang Center sought by survivors of sexual violence; Treatments include urgent case, STD testing, medications and follow-up visits  

Funding Amounts:

  • $25,000 (Jan 2019)
  • $25,000 (Jan 2020)
  • $25,000 (Jan 2021) 

Student Parent Food Donations Program 

Description: Program aimed at redistributing food that would have been discarded to student parents facing food insecurity; Funds would go towards program and community building project that offers resources to student parents  

Funding Amounts:

  • $36,348 (Jan 2019)
  • $37,443 (Jan 2020) 

The HUB (Health, Unity, Belonging) 

Description: Collaboration between Health Promotion at UHS and 5 marginalized student communities; Leaders will be selected and trained as health educators/advocates for their communities to provide feedback about student issues to UHS 

Funding Amounts:

  • $26,075 (Jan 2019)

GRaduates Optimizing Wellness (GROW) Grants 

Description: Creation of a pool of money for community-level graduate student wellness programming (GROW Grants) to increase access to Wellness programming for 11,000 graduate students on campus 

Funding Amounts:

  • $13,500 (Jan 2019)

Supplemental Assistance Card 

Description: Funds would provide for purchasing food vouchers for in-need students to purchase groceries from partnered outlets as a one-time emergency relief  

Funding Amounts:

  • $20,000 (Jan 2019)

Transfer Wellness Initiative  

Description: A multi-approach program to support transfer student's physical and mental health to develop a Wellness Zone, Wellness Programming, and Wellness Supply Station 

Funding Amounts:

  • $8,000 (Jan 2019)

Bias Busters 

Description: Project seeks to identify and address biases in STEM that affect diverse students' inclusion and retention; Currently operating within the EECS department- funds would go towards supporting workshops, speaker series, and expanding program to other departments  

Funding Amounts:

  • $5,200 (Jan 2019)
  • $5,200 (Jan 2020)

Celebrating Diversity in Data Science Workshop 

Description: A three day workshop aimed at helping overcome the challenges which underrepresented undergraduate students face when they try to pursue STEM fields such as data science   

Funding Amounts:

  • $4,890 (Jan 2019)